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Welcome to the Virtual Competence Centre for 3D heritage (VCC-3D). The core mission of the VCC-3Dis to: “To help and advise individuals and organisations make objects and collections digitally available to a wider audience using 3D technology.” To achieve this the VCC-3D provides consultancy and training for organisations in the cultural and heritage industries who wish to use 3D technologies.


3D technology has numerous applications for museums and heritage sites in areas as diverse as:

  • Documentation and research
  • Virtual restoration
  • Online presentation and visualisation
  • Reproduction of objects, and
  • Architectural reconstruction.

3D clearly has huge potential but this can only be achieved if the knowledge required to integrate 3D into the broader museum domain in a sustainable way is made available. Now museums, galleries and cultural organisations wishing to document collections in 3D and/or make them available to the viewing public over the internet and in exhibitions can seek the assistance of the VCC-3D. And you do not have to be a heritage professional to benefit from the Competence Centre. If you supply the sector with goods and services, conduct research using 3D digital models, or are just interested in 3D heritage we have something here for you. The VCC-3D is a not-for-profit organisation that continues the work of 3D-COFORM, a European Commission suuported focused on the application of 3D to cultural heritage. The VCC-3D provides:

  • Independent advice on 3D digitisation technologies
  • Brokerage services to help organisations find suitable 3D practitioners
  • Access to a range of tools in capturing and processing 3D assets and their associated metadata, etc
  • Training and consultancy services.

VCC-3D aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support needed to develop 3D.

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Prof David Arnold, University of Brighton

20 September 2013



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