The 'generative modeling language' GML is a concrete implementation of the generative approach. Its main feature is that it is a full functional programming language that can nevertheless be efficiently used as file format for low-level shape descriptions. Only 25 KB of GML code of a Gothic window style library are sufficient to generate connected manifold control meshes for a variety of windows.

The GML comes with an integrated visualization engine. Thus, it can also be seen as a viewer with an integrated modeler that overcomes the usual separation of 3D modeling from interactive visualization. Curved parts are represented as subdivision surfaces that, within 1-2 seconds, unfold to seven million vertices after four steps of recursive refinement. The surface is adaptively displayed at interactive rates using optimized methods for culling and per-face per-frame multiresolution rendering.




Target user(s): 3D Technical Expert

License: The software can be downloaded from the Website



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Project Final Report

Prof David Arnold, University of Brighton

20 September 2013



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