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Shape-based search. The status of the shape-based search is not consolidated; further research is needed to increase robustness of 3D searching algorithms. However, this research would justify a project in itself, with a more focused and specific partnership.

The 3D-COFORM approach is rather different: instead of focusing research on the specific 3D shape-based algorithms, our major concern will be how to integrate the two searching modalities (text-based and shape-based). This is an aspect neglected so far and extremely important in applications such as CH; to have a real impact in CH professional daily work, searching instruments should be able to offer an integrated interface to both search specification and visual presentation of results.

It should be able to mix any type of request (shape- and text-based) in the specification of the query; as well, it should be possible to sort and present results obtained by this integrated queries. The approach therefore will be to dedicate a minor share of resources to the design and implementation of specific 3D shape-based search algorithms (building up mostly on results of recent research in the field). Visual browsing and analysis.

New systems are required to support radically new ways to deploy visual browsing and inspection features to the user community. This means that our focus will not be limited to overcoming current 3D technological limitations (i.e. how to manage huge 3D models; how to improve visual presentation accuracy) but will also focus on the other issues mentioned above (easy integration of 3D and any other media, easy authoring, cooperative management and presentation, effective GUI, etc.).

Specific tools will be designed to optimize the fit with the specific class of application (studying a single artwork or a complex domain such as an archaeological site).


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20 September 2013



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