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First of all, public presentations, both in museums and over the internet, are recognised as the main distribution channels for the digital assets produced by 3D-COFORM. Consequently, they are of strategic value for the project. Providing easy-to-use standard authoring tools for high-end 3Dpresentations, which are suitable for a large audience, will tremendously stimulate the demand for high-end historic content and, thus, for COFORM technology. With quality as main focus, the first step is to establish an extensible common rendering infrastructure. This will be the unique place where novel shape and material descriptions, advanced data structures and newly published rendering algorithms are integrated and made available to the project.

Second, the trade-off between rendering speed and image quality must be adjustable in a wide range, to obtain interactive frame rates even for complex scenes on a wide range of hardware platforms. Based on this core infrastructure, easy-to-use authoring and presentation software for 3D-exhibitions must be developed. Its primary goal is to bring down the costs for creating stunning 3D-exhibitions, so that they become economically (more than) rewarding. This software must be adaptable to different hardware settings and display setups, ideally all the range from multi-screen multi-user presentation tointernet transmission. Concerning the latter, special provision has to be taken for sending (secured) content to less powerful, exotic, or closed platforms such as some mobile phones and PDAs.


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Project Final Report

Prof David Arnold, University of Brighton

20 September 2013



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