CityEngine - Pompeji Rendering of Pompeii by means of CityEngine. You can find the description of this tool under Tools/CityEngine.
CityEngine - Pompeji II Flying above the reconstructed Pompeii within CityEngine. For more information, please visit Tools/CityEngine.
CityEngine - Rome Reborn 2.0 You can find the description of this tool under Tools/CityEngine.
CityEngine - Trailer 2010 You can find the description of this tool under Tools/CityEngine.
Demonstration of the use of the In-Hand Scanner In-hand scanning with online loop closure. For more information, please visit Tools/In-Hand Scanner.
Euronews Futuris: Cultural heritage in a new dimension. A video presenting some aspects of the 3D-COFORM project.
Example of a surface-material's meso-structure and reflectance-behaviour in the form of a Biodirectional Texture Function (BTF) The Multiview Dome acquires 3D geometry along with a surface material representation from regular or optically complicated movable cultural heritage objects. It captures a huge number of digital images under different well-defined viewing- and lighting-angles and exposure values. The result is represented in the form of a Bidirectional Texture Function (BTF).
Grammar-Based Encoding of Facades F-shade: compiling grammar rules of facades into shading programs, by: Simon Haegler, Peter Wonka, Stefan Müller Arisona, Luc Van Gool, Pascal Müller
In Hand Scanning Online reconstruction and offline hand tracking by means of the in-hand scanner. You can find the description of this tool under Tools/In-Hand Scanner.
Mini-Dome Assembly The mini-dome is a hardware device for capturing surface details (normals) of small objects. Future versions will reconstruct geometry and surface reflectance information as well. Although the dome is limited to relatively small objects such as cuneiform tablets, it is portable, and can be set up on-site at museums and excavations for scanning work.
Mini-Dome Results Tablet 3D reconstructed with the mini-dome. You can find the description of this tool under Tools/Mini Dome.
Multiview Dome Process of the dome-based 3D object acquisition. For more information, please visit Tools/Multiview Dome.
New approach for the acquisition of reflection data in uncontrolled environments The approach is based on a very common light emitter: the flash available with most digital cameras. We have designed a calibration  process to acquire accurate information on how the light produced by a given flash is distributed in the 3D space sampled by the camera and how sampled colours are modified by the flash light.

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20 September 2013



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